DVD Volume 1


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The Definitive Guide for Explosive Skating Speed. Learn to become QUICKER, STRONGER, FASTER than ever before! The most comprehensive "how to" guide to improving your speed, acceleration & overall skating performance.
Steve's 100% hockey specific program will equip you with the foundation needed for Explosive Skating Speed. The techniques and drills outlined in this video will not only help you develop explosive skating speed, but also dramatically improve your overall skating ability. It will provide instruction in all aspects of skating. This video is specifically designed for players, coaches and parents that want to take their skating to the next level of high performance. This program will dramatically change the way you play the game, making you faster and more efficient that ever before.

This DVD will provide instruction in all aspects of skating including:

  • Explosive Acceleration
  • Advanced Skating Technique Training
  • Speed & Quickness
  • Agility &Llateral Mobility
  • Turning, Stopping & Edgework
  • Forward & Backward Stride
  • Explosive Skating Moves
  • How to Lengthen Your Stride and
    Skate More Efficiently
  • Over 100 Explosive drills to practice
In each segment a special section of drills and specialized training techniques will be introduced. It will provide detailed step by step instruction that will dramatically increase your speed and skating ability. The Steve Serdachny Power Skating Syste is specifically designed to take you to the next level of high performance.

Steve Serdachny conducts power skating schools throughout North America & Europe. he has taught and coached players and teams from all levels of hockey worldwide, including the NHL, the European Elite Leagues, Major Junior A, NCAA, all the way to Novice-aged players.

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