Edge Training KIT#3 **NEW


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Stickhandling is one of the unique skills in the game of hockey that doesn't require ice to practice and improve. With this Ultimate Stickhandling & Moves Training Kit you can practice your dangles at any time in any place, as long as you have your stick near by. Develop soft hands, superior hand-eye coordination, creative moves, offensive awareness, and incredible puck control.

Included In This Kit
Stickhandling Speed Ball
Weighted Stickhandling Ball
Edge Iron Arm
DVD #3 - Explosive Stickhandling and Moves

Serdachny Pro Training Tip
First learn from world renowned NHL skating and skills coach Steve Serdachny by watching DVD #3 Explosive Stickhandling and Moves then put the skills and drills into action! Alternate between the stickhandling speed ball and the weighted stickhandling ball for the perfect combination of stickhandling strength and quick hands. Attach the Edge Iron Arm for resistance and forearm strength. Be creative and have fun while developing unbelievable hands and puck skills.
Pair this training kit with an Attack Triangle to add defensive obstacles.

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